Yard Size

What size yard do you have?

Average Yard Examples

  • Up to 1/4 Acre –or—
  • 10890 Square  Foot Yard —or–
  • 105 ft by 105 ft
  • Standard Size Sub-Division Yard
  • Up to 4 Large Trees

Average Yard Example

Large Yard Examples

  • Up to 1/2 Acre –or–
  • 21780 Square Foot Yard –or–
  • 150 ft by 150 ft
  • Up to 6 Large Trees
Large Yard Example
Large Yard Example
Large Yard Example

X-Large Yard Examples

  • Up to 3/4 Acre –or–
  • 32670 Square  Foot –or–
  • 185 ft by 185 ft
X-Large Yard Example
X-Large Yard Example

We know every yard is different and unique so If you are having trouble determining your size, make your best guess or contact us difrectly. We can always make changes later.