Spider Control

There are many harmful and not harmful spiders in the Kansas City area but all can be nuisance and most people just don’t want spiders in their space. We spray your outside of your house, trees, shrubs, patio or deck area. This are all the areas were spiders would live or build webs. Plus, with that kinds of barriers around your house the chances of spidersf getting in your house are almost zero. Our professional spraying gives you the peace of mind that your backyard is protected from all spiders. Our Spraying last around 30 days. We offer single sprays, 3 package sprays, and full packages that last the entire season and is custom designed for your needs.  No Contracts like all most to the other companies.

Included in: General Monthly Spray or Spider Control Spray


Black Widow –  Very Harmful

Brown Recluse – Very Harmful

Wolf Spider – Harmful


Garden spider – Not Harmful

Jumping Spider – Not Harmful

Orb Weaver – Not Harmful

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