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Residential  Pest Control Services

No Fly Zone sprays homes throughout the Kansas City and metro area, our main focus is residential outdoor pest control spraying. Choose us to keep your backyard your fun zone and a bug free paradise during the spring, summer and fall. There is nothing worse than after enduring a Kansas City winter, just to be chased back inside by all the bugs that wake up in time for spring. Body sprays, candles and bracelets can help but are often not enough and a pain to use. We send you one of our pest control experts to your home once a month and spray to rid your yard of all those pesky bugs that you don’t want. We strive to keep our plans affordable, and don’t charge unexpected fees or require any contracts. Unless needed, we don’t spray inside your home because if you keep the bugs away from your exterior they can’t get interior. We offer our monthly maintenance plan as well as offer single sprays for specific pests or bugs. And our monthly maintenance covers a list of over 52 different pests, our best value plan.

Pest Control for Special Events

When you have a special event call No Fly Zone. There is nothing worse than decorating, organizing and spending the money for a great event just to have mosquitoes and other pests attack your guests. Protect your guests and yourself with our event spraying. It offers protection against 72 different types of bugs including: Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, spiders, mites, wasps and much more. We spray for events all of the Kansas City and metro area. The best part of the spray is that it last for around 30 days, so your backyard will be protected well beyond the party date. Plus, we can spray days before your event so we aren’t in the way of you getting your party set up. No Fly Zone takes pride in our spraying and we are happy to know our customers are going to get to have a party that doesn’t bite.

Commercial  Pest Control Services


We’re comfortable with any size and type of pest control services that you need. We provide free estimates and can come out to your business and develop a plan specifically for your needs. We can evaluated where the mosquitoes and bugs are coming from and a plan for elimination.  Then, we will send out a trained pest control specialist  on a regular basis to spray.

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