Pest Control Process

Our Pest Control Spraying Process

Perimeter Spray

We start around the perimeter of your yard, spraying your fence or property lines. We use a backpack sprayer that allow us to spray into trees up to 30 foot in the air. This sprayer also allows the technician to mist the chemical which insures coverage and will also evenly distribute the spray. This allows the spray to last longer while also being safe for family and pets after it drys. Furthermore, the spray establishes a perimeter that keeps most pests from coming into your yard.

Outside of House

Our process for spraying the outside of your home not only keeps bugs from biting you when you go outside, it helps prevent bugs from ever getting into your home. We spray all along the outside of the home, around windows and doors. We spray under the roof line facets (up to 30 ft). We use a special chemical that is water based around your home so it doesn’t leave any residue. We understand that there are times when spraying inside the home is necessary but for most homes our outdoor sprays prevent bugs from entering your home, thus preventing you from having to bring chemical inside your house.

Decking & Patio

We spray all around the decking and patio. We spray under all railing and steps.  We spray all cracks in the sidewalk or pavers. Spiders, ants, mosquitoes and other outdoor pest can hide in these areas.  Since that is where you spend the most time, it is important to protect you and your kids from those areas.

Tree, Flowers, Shrubs

Flying pests love to hang out on the bottom side of leaves during the day. That is why it is important to spray up into trees and around and under any plants or shrubs around your entire property.  We use our misters to  sprayer to spray into all the hard to reach spots throughout your entire property. This process allows our product to stay on the plants for 25-32 days.