Mites in Kansas City

Mites are a wide category of pests that do a variety of damages.  Some of the common species you’ll encounter in the Kansas City and surrounding Missouri area are Bird mites, Chigger Mites, Clover Mites, Dust Mites and Scabies.  Mites can transfer diseases to humans.

They can enter your home or yard depending on their species.  Some attach themselves to living hosts and hitchhike into homes on people and pets, others are attracted to a well-fertilized yard or gardens, and others enter through cracks in a home attracted to the warm humid homes.
Mites are typically categorized as arachnida, similar to ticks and spiders.  They are referred to as mites due to their size.
Bird mites do little more than cause skin irritation.  However, they pose a great danger to a variety of birds, both pet and poultry.
Chigger mites as adults do not pose a threat to humans, however, in their larvae stage they get into the skin and cause rash and irritation.  If scratched the rashes can further irritate and even become infected.
Clover mites tend to infest healthy vibrant yards and brush.  They can enter the home through the tiniest of cracks and tend to invade in high numbers.  Although they do not spread diseases to humans, they do stain if crushed.
Dust mites are the most common and tend to be in home and difficult to get rid of.  They feed on dead skin so their biggest affect is that they tend to cause or affect peoples allergies.
Scabies are a skin infestation cause by the human itch mite.  They are mircoscopic and burrow into the surface layer of skin, where the female will lay her eggs.  Repeated scratching of the scabies rash can cause sores that develop bacterial infections.  Scabies can be found on canines and felines as well as humans.  Scabies are the one mite that is not an infestation issue but a medical issue as they are pasted from host to host.
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