Mites Control

Mites are a wide category of pests that do a variety of damages.  Some of the common species you’ll encounter in the Kansas City and surrounding Missouri area are Bird mites, Chigger Mites, Clover Mites, Dust Mites and Scabies.  Mites can transfer diseases to humans.

They can enter your home or yard depending on their species.  Some attach themselves to living hosts and hitchhike into homes on people and pets, others are attracted to a well-fertilized yard or gardens, and others enter through cracks in a home attracted to the warm humid homes.
Mites are much harder to control than other pests such as ants. Even though some mites such as oak mites only come out toward the end of the summer it is important to protect your yard from them all summer long to prevent them. If you are already having issues with mites, it can take several treatment to get rid of them. That is why prevention is the best plan for Mites.
Included in: General Monthly Spray or Mites Control Spray


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