Ant Control

There are several types of common ants in Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas: Acrobat, Carpenter, Field, Odorous, Pavement and Pharaoh ants.  The most common ants to invade your home are the Carpenter, Odorous, Pavement, and Pharaoh ants.
A few of these ants not only bite, swarm, and cause damage to your home but can spread disease or cause contamination.  The best way to keep them out of your house is to keep them out of your yard.
Ants are easy to control with our spraying process. We spray the boundary of your yard and then trees, grass, driveway, ect. Our spraying process will eliminate ants from getting into your yard and will prevent them from coming into your house as well.
Included in: General Monthly Spray or Ant Control Spray

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